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We are The Basic Ingredients team. A BRCGS-certified importer and exporter, specialising in clean-label food. Clean-label, often called “Clean Dec” is not a familiar phrase to consumers. The purpose of clean-label is to provide safe and high-quality food in support of our well-being. When formulating a recipe, we use a smaller number of ingredients. We don’t allow additives, additives such as emulsifiers, sweeteners, and colourings. We don’t allow ultra-processed ingredients such as refined oil.


Each of us is obsessed with removing the harmful ingredients in food and the overuse of plastic in packaging. We stay focused on our purpose. We are small, agile, and willing to go the extra mile to deliver results.



We love what we do, and we believe we are making a change. A change leading to a healthy diet and a sustainable environment.

Join us if you share the same values as ours.  We are looking for talented individuals with any of these skills: Accounting, Graphic Communication, and Nutrition. Please email your CV to Emma, as short as possible. she will be in touch if she can see focus and drive.



Discuss your needs with us. 

We provide advice on food safety, legality, quality, and authenticity. 

If you are a food & drink brand, looking for export opportunities, you can rely on us at all stages, from the port health control, labelling assessment, to customs clearance. We are here to make it happen. We are here to contribute in your overseas success.




Contact Us


Oliver James Hart

07719 345299

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UK Address

18 Platt street,

London, NW1 1RP

EU Address

Westplein 12, 3016 BM Rotterdam, Netherlands

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