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FREE MASKS - WE are clearing the stock of our masks.
FREE MASKS - WE are clearing the stock of our masks.

Ken Chiku Medical Face Mask Type IIR- 50 Masks

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  • Type IIR Medical Mask with BFE≥98%, Splash resistance ≥16.0 kPa and Microbial Cleanliness ≤30 cfu/g.
  • CE marked with the EU Declaration of Conformity. In conformity with Medical Devices Regulation (EU)2017/745.
  • Confirmation of registration by Medical Competent Authority in an EU Member State.
  • GTTC laboratory testing report passed BS EN14683:2019 requirements.
  • Produced in a manufacturer with Medical Device Quality Management System ISO 13485:2016.
  • China National Medical Products Administration registration number: 20202140065.
    Breathability requirement: Differential press <60Pa/cmour test result <29.6 Pa/cm2

    Intended use:

    Type IIR masks are principally intended for use by healthcare professionals in an operating room or other medical settings with similar requirements, to protect the patient from infective agents, and to protect the wearer against splashes of potentially contaminated liquids.
    Medical face masks may also be intended to be worn by patients and other persons to reduce the risk of spread of infections, particularly in epidemic or pandemic situations.
    Medical Face Masks is not PPE.
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