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Bamboo Charcoal Binchotan 5kg

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  • LONGER BURNING: Bamboo sawdust was pressed to form extreme high density. Then slowly carbonized in the kiln at the highest temperature close to 1000 ˚C. This unique technical only can produce the longer-lasting burning hours.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Bamboo is a sustainable material. Bamboo can be harvested in 1 year In comparison hardwoods like oak trees take at least forty years.
  • NO ODOUR: Made of 100% bamboo sawdust with no additive no chemicals at all.
  • JUICY MEAT: Ken Chiku Bamboo Charcoal emits a large amount of far-infrared rays. The heat enters not only the surface but also the inside of the meat, to lock the Umani inside.

    With KenChiku Bamboo Charcoal briquettes you become a grill master!
    These professional briquettes made from Bamboo sawdust have many advantages over conventional charcoal. Bamboo charcoal has an extra long burning time of around 5-6 hours and is completely chemical-free. This enables you to prepare even the largest steaks with ease and free of harmful substances.
    In addition, this Bamboo charcoal burns very evenly due to its special square shape and the hole in the middle. How you can ensure constant heat development.
    Because these coal briquettes are almost free of soot and smoke, your neighbours will have nothing against your barbecue. The Bamboo charcoal burns off almost completely. Annoying cleaning of your grill, BBQ or Dutch oven was once.
    Each box burns to the equivalent of 2x 12kg bag of standard lump wood charcoal These fantastic high heat charcoal Briquettes are regarded as one of the best fuels for cooking in your home BBQ as well as a commercial grill. When burning they last for an incredible 5-6 hours. They burn for longer periods than you would obtain from standard charcoals and their tube shape allows you to move them around, without falling apart when creating hot and cold areas on your BBQ.
    Don't wait and buy the KenChiku Bamboo Charcoal briquettes now!