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Bamboo matcha whisk (120 Prongs) and spoon| Chasen & Chashaku

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  • 120 PRONGS: The number of prongs differs from whisk to whisk. Ken Chiku Chasen is made of 120 prongs, which is the most a whisk can have. The highest quality handcrafted to help you make the finest creamy matcha tea.
  • SUSTAINABLE: Made from natural bamboo. Bamboo grows unbelievably fast in spring, the fastest-growing, most renewable plant in the world. By using bamboo instead of plastic, you help to protect our earth.
  • HAND MADE: Each set is hand made carefully by craft masters. No paint or wax is used, presenting to you the very nature of bamboo forests.
  • MATCHA SPOON INCLUDED: A traditional bamboo spoon to help you measure the correct amount of Matcha powder. Simply use the curved portion of the utensil to scoop matcha powder, about 2g per portion.
  • EASY TO USE: Tea Whisk and Tea scoop, which are called "chasen (茶筅) & Chashaku (茶杓) in Japanese, are the essential parts of a Japanese matcha tea ceremony. A kit for everyone who would like to experience the art of the Japanese tea ceremony at home.


  • Tea Whisk and Tea scoop, which are called "chasen (茶筅) & Chashaku (茶杓) in Japanese, are the essential parts of Japanese matcha tea Ceremony.
    How to make Matcha Tea:
    1. Warm the bowl and soften the whisk with hot water. ①
    2. Discard the hot water & and dry the bowl with a tea towel. ②
    3. Sift 1 tsp matcha (around 2g) into the tea bowl. ③
    4. Add 70ml of hot water 80ºC/176ºF.
    5. Whisk vigorously in a zig-zag motion until a rich and fine foam is on top.
    Enjoy your bowl of matcha.


  • Tips
    1. Soaking the whisk will allow the bristles to slightly unfold, this will improve the elasticity of the whisk.
    2. Use a fine mesh to sift your powder before whisking, this helps ensure your tea is free of clumps and will mix easily with water.