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Bamboo Shoots Whole 215g

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Bamboo shoots are perfect for adding crunch to Chinese dishes. These bamboo shoots will work well in stir-fries, braised meat dishes, stews and salads - adding a subtle bamboo flavour and great texture. Drain the bamboo shoots before use.

  • ZERO CARB: Zero Carbohydrate, loved by Low carb dieters and keyto dieters.

  • SITR FRY: Perfect in stir fry, green curry, and hot pot dishes.

  • VEGAN: Vegan and of course Vegetarian. Made of Young Bamboo Shoots from Feb to April.

  • CLEAN LABEL: Contains no additives at all.

  • ZERO FAT: Zero Sugar and Zero Fat.

    You may see white powdery crystals inside the pack. It is a type of amino acid called tyrosine, the beneficial leftovers from the boiling process. No need to rinse it off. Bamboo shoots, called Sun (笋)in Chinese and Takenoko(竹の子) in Japanese.