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Bamboo Chopsticks Tensoge Carbonized 24cm - 100 pairs

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  • SUSTAINABLE: Bamboo grows unbelievably fast in spring, the fastest-growing, most renewable plant in the world. Emma Basic Chopsticks is made from 100% natural bamboo. By using bamboo, not tree wood or plastic, you help to protect our earth. 
  • HIGH QUALITY: Quality natural bamboo is used. Every bamboo Chopsticks is carefully produced, polished, selected, has no splinters, safe to use.
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Pack of 100 Pairs of Chopsticks. Each pair of chopsticks comes in its own sleeves. Stylish to use in restaurants and at home.
  • CARBONIZED: After the chopsticks have been carefully made, it is moved to a kiln for carbonation. The process not only kills the environmental bacteria but also turn them into beautiful brown colour. Absolutely no colouring or chemicals are used!
  • WHAT IS TENSOGE? The feature of “Tensoge chopsticks" is that there is a cut diagonally, for a user to appreciate the texture and pattern of the wood, bamboo in this case.