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Seaweed Nori 1/3 Cut 20 sheets

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  • YOUNG & FRESH: The Seaweed harvest season starts from Nov and ends in April. Emma Basic Nori is made from raw materials harvested at the beginning of the season to ensure the texture is crisp and not chewy.
  • ZIP LOCK PACKAGING: All means have been taken, to the best of our knowledge, to keep miosture away from the seaweed nori product. Once opened please use immediately.
  • HIGH PROTEIN + HIGH FIBRE: To claim high in protein, (EC) No 1924/2006 requies minimum  20% of the energy value of food to be provied by protein.  Emma Basic Nori lab tests indicate 45.4g protein/100g and contributes 36% of the energy value. And 32.4g Fibre/100g.
  • HIGH STANDARD: Emma Basic Nori is made by a BRC grade A manufacturer managed by Japanese investor, Kozen. Since 1894, Kozen is dedicated only to nori production.
  • UMAMI: Rich in natural umami, perfect for making sushi, eat with rice, use as a ramen topping or salad topping.