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Pagoda Ben Jiu 1L

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  • GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATION: Shaoxing rice Wine is a protected name . One can only be legally be labelled Shaoxing Rice Wine if it is made of glutinous rice, wheat, and water from the specific lake, Jianhu in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province , China. Pagoda Brand winery located on the shore of Jianhu Lake. According to China government standard GB17946-2008.
  • TOP SHAOXING RICE WINE: Perfume of almonds, with a hint of vanilla and honey. Both the amber colour and palate profile remind very much of sherry, with elegant , subtle thus persistent flavour.
  • NO COLOURING: Attention ,Caramel E150c is widely used in the wine industry . Different from others Pagoda Brand Ben Mei Shaoxing rice wine is made of natural ingredients contains no caramel colouring at all.
  • HAND MADE: Pagoda Brand is 100% hand made with minimum 11 months natural fermentation, not a single bottle is short time mass production under the Pagoda Brand.
  • 10 YEARS AGED: Aged 10 years to hand make this fine bottle of Shaoxing Rice Wine.