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Shaoxing Rice Wine Ben Yuan - 500ml 16%Vol | No Colouring's | Hand Made | Aged from 2013

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  • AGED FROM 2013:  Shaoxing rice wine is known locally in Chinese as ‘old wine’. This is how my uncle in Shaoxing called it. Aged in ceramic jars since 2013, breathing and maturing over 8 years to achieve this elegant and subtle flavour. A perfume of almonds, with hints of vanilla and honey. Both the amber colour and palate profile remind me very much of dry sherry.
  • NATURALLY AMBER: Attention, Caramel E150C is widely used in the wine industry. However, Ben Yuan is 100% made from natural ingredients and contains no caramel or other colourings. Ben Yuan’s amber colour is natural, a poetic sunset reflection on a shimmering river.
  • SEMI-DRY: More rice and less water in production results in natural sugar content of between 20g/L and 35g/L after fermentation. The finished wine is transparent and crystal clear, with nutty aromas and a mellow sweet taste.
  • HAND MADE: The Pagoda brand is 100% handmade with a minimum of 11 months of natural fermentation; no single bottle is mass-produced with speed at Pagoda.
  • GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATION: Like the Champagne from the Champagne region in France, Shaoxing Rice Wine is also a protected name in China. Shaoxing Rice Wine can legally only be labelled as such if it is made purely of glutinous rice, wheat, and water sourced from a specific lake in Shaoxing, the ‘Jianhu’ lake, according to the GB17946-2008. The Pagoda Brand Winery is located on the shore of Jianhu Lake.