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Matcha Ceremonial 500g

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  • CEREMONIAL GRADE: Our Matcha green tea powder is made of Tencha (碾茶), a Japanese style green tea leaves that is shaded for a minimum of three weeks before harvest.
  • STONE GROUNDED: A slow process requires the correct equipment and fine technique. A too warm stone mill will degrade the matcha, damage the colour and aroma.
  • ENERGY BOOST: Matcha contains caffeine, a green espresso. Some people find drinking Matcha increase concentration longer than coffee, vary between individuals.
  • CATECHIN: Matcha is rich in Catechin, which may help to boost metabolism, contribute to weight loss.
  • EASAY & QUICK: Warm up the tea bowl & the Chasen (tea whisk). Add 70ml water at 80°C to 2g Macha, whisk until creamy.