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Dried Wakame 10/50g

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  • READY IN 3 MINS: Soak wakame in warm water for 2-3 minutes. Add into your miso soup, salad or stir-fries with other vegetables or meat.
  • HIGH FIBRE & PROTEIN: 36.1g fibre per 100g. 19.6g protein per 100g. I was surprised, wakame contains higher protein than Durum protein in Durum wheat!
  • CONVENIENT PACKAGE: 50g/packet, 10 packets per box. Perfect cupboard food. When your fridge runs out of fresh vegetables, simply open a small pack.
  • VEGAN & VEGETARIAN: Rich in minerals, perfect choice for vegetarians. However, as Wakame harvested from the sea, it may contain a trace of fish, shrimp and molluscs, wash before use.
  • ADDICTIVE WAKAME SALAD: Soak wakame in water 3 minutes, drain. Mix with chopped cucumbers, top with a dressing made of: Soy sauce + Vinegar+ Sugar+Toasted Sesame Oil. Sprinkle a pinch of Toasted Sesame Seeds. I've never used measuring jars or spoons. Just a handful of wakame, a spoonful of each liquid, with or without sugar, your choice.