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Crispy seaweed 8x20g

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  • GUILT FREE SNACKING: 8 individual packs. Perfect for a sugar-free healthy snack. Light and easy to carry. To have the freshest seaweed, avoiding humidity is vital. Our individual packaging keeps the savoury freshness and crispiness. Perfect for the eat by itself, with rice, like ramen or soup topping, or a salad topping..
  • 53% LESS PLASTIC, MORE SEAWEED: We are just doing our bit to reduce the usage of plastic. Compared with many other crispy seaweed snacks 5g seaweed + over 5g plastic package, our one uses 53% Less plastic.
  • NO ADDITIVES, NO COLOURINGS, GLUTEN FREE: Emma Basic Crispy Seaweed is a clean label product and contains no additives.
  • HIGH FIBRE + SOURCE OF PROTEIN: To Claim high in fibre, (EC) No 1924, 2006 requires a product containing at least 6 g of fibre per 100 g and to claim the source of protein requires at least 12% of the energy value of the food is provided by protein. Emma Basic Crispy Seaweed lab tests indicate 16.7g of fibre per 100g, and 17.8% of the energy value is contributed by protein.