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FREE MASKS - WE are clearing the stock of our masks.
FREE MASKS - WE are clearing the stock of our masks.

Bamboo Chopsticks Tensoge Carbonized 24cm - 8 pairs

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  • SUSTAINABLE: Bamboo grows unbelievably fast in spring, the fastest-growing, most renewable plant in the world. Emma Basic Chopsticks are made from 100% natural bamboo. By using bamboo, not trees or plastic, you help to protect our earth.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Quality natural bamboo is used. Every bamboo Chopstick is carefully produced, polished, selected, no splinters, safe to use.
  • PACK OF 8 PAIRS: Pack of 8 Pairs of Chopsticks in a box.  Stylish to use in restaurants and at home.
  • CARBONIZED: After the chopsticks have been carefully made, they are moved to a kiln for carbonization. The process not only kills the environmental bacteria but also turns to a beautiful brown colour. Absolutely no colouring or chemicals are used!
  • WHAT IS Tensoge? The feature of “Tensoge chopsticks" is the holding end is cut diagonally for presentation, so the user can appreciate the texture and pattern of the wood, or bamboo in this case.