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EMMA BASIC Pistachio Matcha Green Tea

EMMA BASIC Pistachio Matcha Green Tea

A nutritious nutty ground pistachio plant based milk with vibrant Matcha green tea powder.

Get inspired by Ching-He Huang while she makes Pistachio Matcha Green Tea



    1. Toast pistachios for 30 seconds in a dry pan.

    2. Place the pistachios in a pestle and mortar, crush and grind until smooth (or use a blender).

    3. Simmer the almond milk, add agave and whisk well. Add the ground pistachio. Take off the heat and stir in matcha using a very fine whisk.

    4. Whisk very well pour into a tea pot lined with a fine strainer. Pour into a tea cups or over a glass filled with ice cubes. This nut milk ‘tea’ can be drunk hot or cold. Dust some match green tea powder over each glass and drink immediately.

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