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Toasted Sesame Oil 500ml

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  • 100% PURE: It is made of a single ingredient: the finest roasted sesame seeds. Nothing else. Not a blended sesame oil.
  • FLAVOUR & AROMA: Roasting and grounding sesame seeds is an art and science that takes years of training. Only properly roasted and gently pressed sesame can produce rich flavour and a desirable nutty aroma.
  • A KITCHEN STAPLE: Every kitchen needs a bottle of sesame oil. Don't settle for a sesame oil that simply doesn’t give your food the flavour boost that it deserves.
  • AUTHENTIC ORIENTAL: This dark caramel sesame oil is widely used in Asia cuisines. It is called fragrant oil in China, usually add to the dishes at the end of cooking, in dressings for cold dishes or in marinades & sauces.
  • PHYSICALLY PRESSED:  The oil from tiny sesame seeds has many potential benefits to offer. Only 14% of total fats are saturated. It is physically pressed, not chemically refined like many other vegetable oils.