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Wasabi Powder 1kg

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  • 20% WASABI JAPONICA: The real Wasabi, Wasabi Japonica grows on the stream bed, flowing water, rare and precious. Emma Basic Wasabi contains 20% Wasabi Japonica, much higher than most in the market.
  • 100% NATURAL: No colouring or additives. It is not easy to find a Wasabi with no harmful additives. Well done, you find us!
  • PUNGENT: Classic with sashimi & fish, beautiful with beef.
  • QUICK TO PREPARE: Simply mix with water to create your own wasabi paste. can also sprinkle on your top of dishes or add into your dressing.
  • SERVE WITH SOBA: Wasabi is commonly served with soba (Bucket Wheat Noodle) in Japan.

    You can make your own wasabi paste at home, simply add water to wasabi powder and mix well. You can also add wasabi powder to your dressing, sour cream or mayonnaise to enhance the flavour and texture.