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CLEAN LABEL: is not a familiar phrase to consumers. The purpose of clean label is to remove all additives, to provide safe, healthy food in support to our wellbeing. What do we do for a single ingredient product, with no additives for us to remove? We focus on the level of harmful contaminants. Checking and verifying chemistry, microbiology, and genetic testing, is our daily practice. For sesame seeds, we specifically check chlorpyrifos, as some sesame seeds are tested and rejected by Port Health due to this specific pesticide. We also screen check for Ethylene Oxide, used in certain countries to sterilize sesame seeds! Long-term exposure to ethylene oxide can increase the risk of leukemia and breast cancer. Aflatoxin B1 is also strictly checked. It often occurs in nuts, is a poison and a carcinogen, and may increase the risk of liver cancer.

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