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  • Ochazuk/お茶漬け/茶泡饭


    Steamed rice + Seasoning topping + Green tea
    It’s simple
    It’s quick
    Really quick!
    Once the rice is cooked and the green tea brewed
    Simply sprinkle over the topping and
    Pour the tea
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  • What is clean label?

    What is clean label?

    Do you read labels?Probably not. Labels are often full of unpronounceables,E numbers we don’t have a clue.Besides, life is too busy. But your health is in your hands!An easy way to choose, quite simply,If you spot a word you can’t...

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  • An example of cooking Katsu

    An example of cooking Katsu

    Method Heat oil to 180°C.  Tenderize your meat, fish or vegan meat. Place flour, beaten egg and panko breadcrumbs into three separate bowls. Coat the meat with flour, then the egg, then the panko breadcrumbs. Fry in oil until golden...

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  • What makes a good Soy Sauce

    What makes a good Soy Sauce

    A good soy sauce should only contain 3 ingredients: Water, Soybean, Salt. Naturally brewed, of course, with an invisible, but important ingredient: Time. Only soy sauce produced by slow fermentation can provide you with irresistible umami and aroma. Sadly, the...

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